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Batman Vol. 1: The Court of Owls GIVEAWAY!!!

Want to win a free copy of Batman volume 1: The Court of Owls? Of course you do! If we reach 1000 subscribers by January 1st, 2014, two lucky subscribers will win the free comics!

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A Batman Christmas Story | Comic Misconceptions

Today we overanalyze “The Silent Night of the Batman”! Is it just a harmless Christmas story, or is it a tale that outlines important aspects of Bruce Wayne’s past?

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Episode #0: Genesis

Thank you all so much for watching our debut episode of our exciting new machinima series, Renegade! As you can see, Alexander Cray has gotten himself into some deep water (figuratively, as the water he was literally standing in was pretty shallow). 

This teaser is just a small taste at what we plan on bringing to you in 2014. We’ve all worked really hard on this and we CRAYve your feedback. (See what I did there? Twas pretty lame). Let us know what you thought!

Renegade is an original machinima series about a soldier who discovers one of ONI’s dark secrets and is forced to go on the run when he steals a piece of top secret technology.